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ekster smart wallet reviews

Ekster, ultra-slim trackable smart wallets, aims to provide innovative solutions for organized access. With a collection of smart products designed for an efficient and secure everyday carry, we strive to safeguard your daily accessories in the most stylish manner.


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ekster reviews

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This is truly a unique and extremely high quality wallet that takes into account how we really use this everyday necessity. The pushbutton reveal of credit cards not only makes access easy but keeping the cards fanned till you return it to your wallet makes it almost impossible to forget your card and with the tracker you won’t leave your Ekster behind either.
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I have had a few of these wallets. They’ve improved with each iteration, and the customer service is excellent. I recently had an issue with a tracker card and they solved my issue and exceeded my expectations. This is a company I will continue to do business with going forward.
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Great wallet. The leather holds up well and the mechanism works well. It’s also great for people like me who have RFID cards. The only downside of this wallet is that the cash strap is hard to use, especially for people like college students who heavily use bills. I end up putting a few bills in the side sleeve and one in the cash strap for easy access.
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This is not particularly a smart wallet, as it can mostly hold cards and some cash. But if you’re looking for a stylish and classy card holder with RFID blocking built-in, this has to be your best bet. This wallet measures 4.1″ x 2.5″ x 0.59″, so it’s not the biggest wallets going around. While there’s no dedicated slot for bills, the manufacturer has been kind enough to offer a belt like system that can keep your cash safe inside the wallet. The cards that you lineup in the slot can all be raised with the push of a button (which acts as a lever).
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I ordered parliament with a tracker which is $100. They sent me a defective product, tracker did not work. And as soon as you touch the wallet it scratches so easily. After emailing back and forth I sent back the product. It took 45 days that they could analyze product weather is defective or not. They also told me that the wallet has many scratches, but this is their product how quickly it gets scratches. In meanwhile they were holding my $100. So I requested my money back because did not want this product. They refused to refund my money because of their policy but they can hold my money no problem. Anyway, I asked them to send me Senate Cardholder instead parliament tracker and they refused that also. The only option they gave me, get the same wallet. Now, It has been almost 2 months I still do not have the wallet or money.
Customer service is horrible. There is no phone number only by email and company located in Netherlands. They answer your email 3-4 days later. I will fight on this issue until I get my money or make sure that they don`t sell their product in the USA.
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From what we’ve seen, more than 60% of the reviewers gave the Parliament 4+ Stars, while closer to 50% gave the Senate 4+ Stars. The negative reviews didn’t seem to match up (as a whole) with most of the other reviews we read through and our own experience.
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