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life extension reviews

Life Extension is a global authority on nutrition, health and wellness. Offers only the High quality Vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, skin & personal care products.

life extension reviews

  • Our quality control standards have earned GMP registration from NSF International.
  • We source only the best raw materials for our nutritional supplements.
  • Our products always give you the most nutritional potency for your dollar.
  • We develop science-based supplements you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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read positive/negative reviews from real customers before buying

I love their supplements!!! They are pure and have been the best I have ever taken. They always have really good sales and always mail me a monthly sales catalog. Very good business!
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Excellent products with high quality. I like especially the reference to scientific studies and pubblications. Delivery always in time.
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I have been using Life Extension supplements for almost 20 years. I work in Cardio Pulmonary medicine. Their Co-Q-10 ubiquinol, probiotics, grape seed extract, vitamin d3, and citrus bergamot are all supplements that you can take and actually see significant positive results in a blood test. Their doctors and medical staff are all honorable professionals for the most part. Wish I felt as highly about the CDC and FDA. Educate yourself. Life Extensions is a viable and legit organization.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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for people having hot flushes or the so called allergic reaction, its just the niacin flush and its not harmfull, its actually great for you, look up the niacin flush 🙂
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I can always tell when I miss taking them, I get irritable and grumpy. They definitely keep my moods in check and just give an all around sense of well-being and energy!
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I bought this because of the reviews, and had high hopes for it, but I had an adverse reaction from 1/3 of the recommended dose. After doing some research on this, it is actually a synthetic form of magnesium. Since it doesn’t state this anywhere on the product description, I thought it important to share this relevant bit of information so that others are aware that they are not buying a natural product.
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LifeExtension >600mg/kg polyphenols sounds nice, but there are even better ones.

* Ecolibor, Spain. >2000mg/kg polyphenols
* Drop of Life, Greece. >1000mg/kg polyphenols

And there are some other similar products with at least 1000mg/kg at the time of bottling.

Certainly LifeExtension is better than 99.5% of extra virgin olive oils, I am sure! So much low-quality olive oil in the market.
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I bought a capsule filler machine nearly 1 year ago. Had an issue with it. Emailed Life Extension for a replacement part. They replaced the entire system/product without hassle, delay or charge. Couldn’t ask for a better 1 year guarantee of product experience.
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