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pet care supplies reviews

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pet care supplies reviews

read positive/negative reviews from real customers before buying

order my cats flea treatments from this site. I always order Advantage for large dog’s cause I got lots of cats and it always comes so… Can’t really complain , minus the shipping speed.. That takes a while .. But It’s free so.
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Super Store
Hi, i found this website in google, while searching for products of the brand medpet, and first i was in doubt if his could be a serious website or not, i buy one product for test, and went very well, since the first order, i make a lot of them, and everyhting is allright, i truely recommmend this store.

iam from Portugal


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I always order from them, and actually don’t have anything against them. I order Advantage for Dogs a couple times a year for my many cats, and I am happy with what I receive . The website isn’t exactly pretty, but the layout is simple and easy to explore so i can’t complain.
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The one thing I can complain about is shipping speed. However, I do receive my product I ordered (Advantage for Dogs 25 kg and greater) with free shipping so I guess it’s a 50/50 kinda deal. Gotta sacrifice shipping speed for how affordable and Free would obviously be cooler…
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It is not always about just getting the products online but the navigation of the site also matters. I have found this site to be the best by far with the great prices. The site has a power pack combo at affordable prices, easy navigation, and better product selection compared to any other sites. What else do you want? Happy to shop.
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I am thrilled to have found Pet Care Supplies Company!! I order my Pet Flea Medication from them and I couldn’t be happuer!! Best prices in town!! I highly recommend them for your pet needs! Buy with confidence!! 5 STARS!!!
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